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Precision HCD has a dedicated team of data architects, pharmacists, nurses, physicians, analysts, technology experts and researchers that provides insight into markets, technologies and industry trends. We have established ourselves as a resource for both investors and healthcare industry participants. The Research team’s role is to inform and empower our clients by providing current actionable information and early indicators of trends.

Pharmaceutical, device, provider and institutional investor clients look to us for solutions.




Our data is continuously updated and validated through our proprietary tools and methodologies. We do not build off of stagnant lists. We utilize our Clinician Centric Match Program – CCMP™. Our dynamic data sets are continuously updated. We have refined and enhanced our approach over a 15 year period and it has been proven out by some of the most successful and forward thinking clients in the world.



High Value Target

We help you identify the HVT in your market. Key opinion leaders, market share leaders and new paradigm first movers. Out HVT methodology creates a targeting approach for your company that will produce High Value Targets to have as business partners.

We track all healthcare facilities & professionals including affiliations in all treatment settings

  • All Clinicians in and outpatient affiliations
  • All US Based Hospitals
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Medical Group Practices
  • Diagnostic Centers
  • Community Mental Health Centers

  • Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities
  • Physical Therapy Centers
  • Outpatient Infusion Clinics
  • Long Term Care Facilities
  • Home Health Care
  • Lab facilities
  • Assisted Living Facilities

  • Hospice Providers
  • Accountable Care Organizations
  • Integrated Delivery Networks
  • Group Purchasing Organizations
  • Group Practices State License
  • Digital Health Innovators



A Market you should know!

The Commercial ACO

Commercial ACO Growth, Gains in Market Share, Covering 10% of US Population 1/1/17

  • Analysis also showed that ACOs covered over 32 million lives by the start of 2017 roughly twice as many lives as Medicare and Medicaid ACO’s combined.
  • As a result, more than 10 percent of the population belonged under an ACO contract at the beginning of 2017.
  • The ACO market will pass the Long Term Care market in number of lives covered in the near term.
  • In the same period, the number of ACO contracts issued significantly increased by 166 contracts.
  • Growth in ACO contracts issued stemmed from existing organizations boosting the number of accountable care contracts in which they participate.
  • Over 1,500 hospitals (about 30 percent of the nation’s acute care facilities) are participating in the ACO’s.
  • Commercial ACOs by Carrier:
    • BCBS 25%
    • Cigna 23%
    • AETNA 13%
    • Humana 7%
    • United 5%
    • Balance unknown

Federally Qualified Health Centers & Medical Homes

Federal Healthcare Grantee Organizations:

  • 1300+ Grantee Organizations — Each contain administrative offices, hospitals and multi-site outpatient clinics
  • Total entities inside the 1300 organizations is 12,000 +/-
  • Transparency into the Cash Value of each grant, purpose and utilization to date. For example, we can tell you that the org performed 631 immunizations and what drug was used.

PCMH: Patient-Centered Medical Home:  Care delivery model whereby patient treatment is coordinated through primary care physician to ensure necessary care when and where needed, in a manner easily understood.

DRP: Diabetes Recognition Program: Voluntary program to recognize clinicians who use evidence-based measures.

HSRP: Heart/Stroke Recognition Program: Voluntary program to recognize clinicians who use evidence-based measures and provide excellent care.

PCSP: Patient-Centered Specialty Practice: Requires clinicians to organize care around patients — across all clinicians seen by a patient — and to include patients and their families or other caregivers in planning care and as partners in managing conditions.

PCCC: Patient-Centered Connected Care: This certification will evaluate sites delivering outpatient health care that communicate effectively with a patient’s other providers — especially primary care providers that constitute a patient’s medical home.

HSRP: Oncology Medical Home: Built on PCSP standards, the OMH program addresses the extra steps involved in using a patient-centered approach.


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